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A KB starting program

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Now, you have the Kettlebells, and you are trying to figure out a starting program. It's very simple. It is important for simplicity sake to ease into it. Phase One is getting to know you Kettlebells. Do this by performing 2-arm swings and 1-arm cleans. Here is the program:


Week 1-2

2-arm Swing x10-30 reps

Rest x1-2min

1-arm Clean x5-10 reps

Rest x 1-2min

Repeat until your form starts to suffer or you are worn out.


Read the instructions in the book very carefully and make every rep count. Do this every other day for a week. This will give you a good introduction. Then its time to add a little more.


In Phase Two every other day will continue to be your ballistic drills, but add the 1-arm Snatch between the Swing and the Clean. On the days you are not doing Ballistic drills you will do Grinding drills such as the Military Press, Windmills, and Front Squats. It will look like this:


Week 3-6

Monday: 2-Arm Swing x20 reps

Rest x1-2min

1-Arm Snatch x 10

Rest x1-2min

1-Arm Clean x10 reps

Rest x 1-2min

Repeat until your form starts to suffer or you are worn out. 2-15 circuits. Do not exceed 45 minutes. Try reducing the rest periods between drills by half and see what happens.




Windmill x3-5 per side

Rest x:30-1min

Limbo Lunge x3

Rest x:30-1min

Military Press x3-5 per arm

Rest x:30-1min

Front Squat x5-20

Rest x1-2 min

Repeat for up to 5 circuits. Stop if your form deteriorates. Do not go to failure. Do not exceed 45 minutes.


Do this workout through Saturday, take Sunday off or do something different like a long hike, bike ride, or swim. Start with the low weights to learn form and stay safe, but continue to challenge the higher weight. It will come with time.


This workout is designed as your starter kit. Doing this will give you direction and teach you the fundamentals. From there your mind will take over and you will begin to create your own workouts. There is plenty of advice on the web. Be warned though, everything takes time. I recommend doing this workout for a month before switching anything. You need the time to help your joints, tendons, and ligaments adjust in addition to learning proper form. That process actually takes much longer, but if you are careful you can progress faster.

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