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30 Oct 06

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 8 months ago

Shomen uchi (nage strikes), uke raises hand to block, and nage does ikkyo omote & ura


Nage strikes shomen uchi, uke starts ikkyo; when uke steps in, nage tenkans and leads uke around, doing kotegaeshi


Uke strikes shomen, with his left hand. Nage in left hanmi, steps forward with his right foot to uke's left side and raises his crossed arms upwards. Nage's right hand leads uke's left hand upwards and back. Nage's left hand pushes on uke's chin (or chest). Nage can then step forward with his left leg, taking uke's space. This can also be done with uke kneeling on his left knee, as he enters initally.


Shomenuchi gyaku hitoe iriminage - cut in front of uke's chest; then turn back and throw hitoe iriminage against his head/side.


Shomenuchi - cut in front of chest and do reverse aikiotoshi.


Shomenuchi koshi garuma - tenkan with hand underneath uke's arm, lead uke around, step in and do koshi garuma .


Shomenuchi ogoshi - tenkan with hand on top of uke's arm, lead uke around, continue turning in same direction, loading uke on your hip and do ogoshi


tsuki hiji dome - nage strikes uke's elbow as he starts a technique


Koshi garuma - uke's hand is held over your head

Ogoshi - nage's hamd goes behind uke's back

Suruki goshi - nage holds uke's sleeves or upper arms

Okashi goshi - pick uke up on front of your hip

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