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30 May 09 aikido

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 15 years ago

yokomen uchi uchi kaiten (passing under) hajiki goshi - Enter and block uke's strike; pass under his arm, turning to the outside; the blocking hand then grabs uke's wrist and nage steps back to nage's rear, bringing uke with him.


yokomen uchi passing under makiotoshi


yokomen uchi passing under ko goshi (head)


ryotetori makiotoshi - tenkan and throw, tenshin and throw, surinuke and throw


ryotetori tenchi nage, hikite hajiki goshi (tenkan and grab uke's writsts). ude hajiki goshi (step back, take arm, step fwd and throw)


aihanmi kata hiki otoshi (Dave Farrell) - uke grabs your right hand with his right hand. Grab uke's elbow with your left hand (with Kanai's tae otoshi grip), do U shaped step to bring uke around, as he comes around atemi to the side of his face with your free rt hand. Put your right hand on uke's shoulder and do kata hiki otoshi.


aihanmi kaiten nikkyo - as above; after U shaped step, put your right hand over uke's right elbow and pull it toward you; your left hand comes over uke's tricep from the other direction (this must be a tight, quick motion); tenkan on your left foot and spin uke down to mat.


aihanmi koshinage - as above; after U shaped step, step in and throw koshinage

hiji domo - moving the elbow


tsuki kokyu nage - Do a short irimi to uke's left side and grab uke's left elbow with your right hand. Keeping uke's arm in front of you, step over uke's left leg with your right foot and throw uke at 90 degrees to the original line of attack.


tsuki uki otoshi - Do a short irimi to uke's left side and grab uke's left elbow with your right hand. Keeping uke's arm in front of you,slide your left foot across line and then step back with your right to throw. You can push uke's arm down, at normal height or at chest height during the initial move. Uke's arm has to come up at the end of the technique when you step back to throw.


tsuki kaiten nage - you can also throw uke as you are doing tenkan, which is earlier than we normally do it. Kanai sensei used to do it this way in old days.

ryotetori - step back (or stay where you are) and don't let uke grab. If you are in left hanmi, your right arm passes outside of uke's right arm so he can't grab your left hand. Then you can grab uke's right hand and do various techniques.


Grab uke's elbow with your hand (from above), tenkan and throw.


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