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27 Sept 02

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kata tori shiho sabaki iriminage - tenkan on the side that is grabbed, keep your arm under uke's, you want his arm to bend, not stay straight, bend your knees to pass under his arm, your other arm comes up and does irimi nage. Uke's arm is wrapped around nage's head somewhat.


kata tori kata hiki otoshi - slide fwd to uke's side with your fwd leg. Place your other hand on his shoulder and step back 90 degrees with your back leg


kata tori kiri otoshi - cut down and then move your arms up and outwards. If you cut down completely uke will breakfall and you come down on one knee and control uke's arm.


kata tori makiotoshi - tenshin - step back with fwd foot, atemi to face, place your arm under uke's grabbing arm, tenkan on your fwd foot and then turn another 180 degrees. Come down with your rear knee. Keep your arm tight against uke's arm.


When doing ikkyo ura, think of pushing uke's elbow around, not pulling it around.


tachi tori shomen uchi


ikkyo - start with your left foot fwd. Step to your rt side with your right leg. Omote - grab uke's rt hand with your rt hand and raise it in a big circle to your rt and do ikkyo. Remove bokken at end. Ura - grab bokken with your left hand, palm down, between uke's hands. Raise handle up in a circle to your left. Place your rt hand on his elbow and do ikkyo.


shihonage - start with your left foot fwd. Step to your rt side with your rt leg. Capture uke's rt hand with your rt hand on top and your left hand underneath the sword. Turn your hips to the rt and thus uke's hands. Step under uke's arms and turn and do shiho nage. Remove the bokken as you throw. When doing shihonage normally, grab uke's hand (base of the thumb) with both hands and work the wrist joint. If uke is strong, you may not be able to move him if you grab his wrist.


kotegaeshi - either side. Grab uke's wrist and don't let go so he can't let go and cut you with the other hand.

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