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25 Oct 06 Golden Triangle aikido

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I visited Golden Triangle aikido in Waterloo Ontario Canada tonite. I took 2 classes, one empty handed and one with jo takaways. They are Iwama style. The instructor is Steph.


Watch (read what is on) the walls as you do your technique. This gives your technique a totally new dimension. You do not focus on your uke. You should be aware of who and what is around you. When you throw uke in one direction (into other opponents), you need to turn 180 degrees to see what is behind you.


When doing simple tenkan practice, look beyond uke, not at uke. Don't let uke capture your mind. Keep palm of hands flat (horizontal) at end of tenkan. You should be able to kneel down and put the back of your hands on the mat.


Kata menuchi - keep both hands high when doing technique. If uke stops his strike halfway down, you can grab his hand with your free hand, if it is in the vicinity (held high).


Don't twist jo when doing tsuki. Twisting jo causes the end to move off the line. Thrust jo straight forward. The V of your thumb and forefinger should be on top of the jo. Uke should only see cross section of jo coming toward him. Jo is twisted to parry. Don't pull top of jo back when doing tsuki; it takes too long. Just drop jo quickly to get it horizontal.


Jo takeaways from tsuki:


Soto - on uke's back side


Hitoe irminage - Nage and uke in left hanmi. Uke tsukis to chest. Nage irimis, puts his left hand over uke's left hand (with at least one finger on the jo so uke can't drop it),turn to direction you came from and bring your right arm up. Twist your hips toward uke, but keep your left hand at your side, so you are doing arm bar with uke's arm against your body. Step behind uke with your right foot as you throw and keep the jo in your left hand.


Kotegaeshi - Nage and uke in left hanmi. Uke tsukis to chest. Nage irimis and puts his right hand on uke's left hand. Nage keeps his left hand at the height of his head or behind his back, so the hand does not get hit by the jo. Nage does a half tenkan so he is at right angles to uke. Nage then does kotegaeshi and finishes with normal jo take away.


Udekemi nage - Nage and uke in left hanmi. Uke twukis to chest. Enter to uke's side and atemi, your right hand to his side, your left hand to his face. Make sure your maii is such that your right arm is extended to make contact with uke, otherwise your arms will be bent when you do technique. (and uke can do a reversal by capturing your arm if it is bent 90 degrees) Put your hands palm down on the jo. Your right hand is just next to uke's left thumb and your left hand is near the end of the jo. You want your right hand close to uke's left hand so it creates an arm bar. Now tenkan on your right foot and lead uke forward for the throw. From static, you need to step thru nage as you throw. From motion you can continue his motion along the line of attack (I think you should still step thru uke).


Moving jo back with your hip - Nage and uke in left hanmi. Uke twukis to chest. Enter to uke's side and atemi, your right hand to his side, your left hand to his face. Now grab the jo palm up with your right hand, between uke's hands. Move your right hip back, which causes the end of the jo closest to uke to end up on the outside of his shoulder (I think it looks like jujinage position). Extend the jo forward to uke's right rear and slide fwd in front of him with your left foot.


Same as above, but keep jo level and move your hips back, so the end of the jo passes in front of and then behind uke.


Uchi - on uke's front side


Tsuki age - from left hanmi, put your left hand on uke's hand, then put your right hand in between uke's hands and then put your left hand on uke's chin.


Shihonage - same as we do


Sweep the knees - same as shihonage but uke lets go, so you make a circle with jo and sweep his knees out.

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