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2 June 07

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Seminar today with Jo Birdsong


  • Parts of doing a technique
    1. Ready position - in hanmi
    2. Movement
      1. Facing same direction as uke
      2. Moving off line of attack & establishing a 2nd line
      3. Entering safety zone
    3. Actually performing the technique
    4. Zanshin - follow thru
  • nage is helping lead his partner, the direction he should be going - not fighting him
  • return to hanmi after each movement (hanmi, move, return to hanmi)
  • Tenshin - step to the back corner; adjust your new front foot into hanmi (move it back if necessary)
  • When nage offers his hand palm up, uke should grab on top, not from underneath. Othewise, nage can just curl his arm up and hit uke.
  • In many techniques, nage wants to extend uke's near arm and shoulder toward nage, so uke's free hand is out of range to strike nage.

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