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19 May 08

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Shomen uchi kotegaishi - try and stay in place with your arms extended in an X block as long as possible. The tendency is to turn too early and move toward uke's face, getting too close to him.


aihanmi katatetori hitoe irimi nage - nage can either step in with his back foot or step back with his fwd foot to get into position for the throw. 3 corrections: 1 move uke's head up and back; don't try to throw thru his body where his power is; move an extremity instead. 2 turn further in the direction you were initially moving which will take uke's balance 3 use timing - execute throw earlier before uke has a chance to get settled and get his balance back.


Freestyle - concentrate only on the technique you are currently doing; don't think about the next one, until you finish the current technique. Don't cut the current technique short just because it is randori.

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