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19 Mar 07

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Katatetori - Learn to move yourself from static position (tenkan) – keep your spine/head upright, don’t lean to one side. Use mirrors to watch yourself doing tenkan. Don’t let uke capture your mind.


Now move just before uke grabs. You should not feel uke resisting. You should feel that you are moving together. As long as you are moving correctly with uke, you can do any technique – it just happens. If you feel resistance or get to a sticking point, you are doing something wrong. When you throw uke, there should be a single point of contact with uke that you push against.


katatetori shiho sabake tenkan into iriminage – take one more step at end and do iriminage. To extract your hand, put your other hand inside uke’s elbow and extend both arms (normally use your hand as a pivot point)


katate tori kotegaeshi

  • omote
  • ura
  • gyaku kotegaeshi tenshin
  • gyaku kotegaeshi tenkan - turn uke's hand palm palm up


katate tori hajiki goshi

  • omote
  • ura
  • surinuke and throw to side
  • tenkan, step back, pivot and step fwd


katate tori kokyu nage

  • pivot kokyu nage and step
  • tenkan kokyu nage
  • uchi kaiten kokyu nage
  • soto kaiten
  • irimi (Chiba) step fwd with rear foot, touch shoulders, step thru with other leg, pushing against uke’s hip

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