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19 Feb 03

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 4 months ago

Kanai taught in Framingham tonite. He used me as an uke for one technique.


  • katatetori hitoe iriminage - touch shoulders, keep your arm in front of your center, turn your hips, turn your rear foot at end and push off moving your center forward - if you don't do this you are just using your upper body.


  • katatetori taiotoshi omote - your left hand is held, your rt arm makes contact with the underside of uke's rt arm as you step through with your rt foot. You can also bend your rt arm so it grips uke's rt arm and throw him in a breakfall - throw out away from yourself.


  • katatetori kaiten nage - rt hand held, slide in with your rt foot and strike at the rear of uke's neck with your left hand. Tenkan and throw.


  • katatetori makiotoshi - start off as kaiten nage above. The left hand which strikes uke's neck, next passes in front of uke's face and grabs his rt lapel, thumb down. Keeping your rt arm extended, tenkan on your rt foot and lead uke around. Then place your rt arm under uke's rt arm and continue to turn to your left, kneeling down on your rt knee at the end, in a typical makiotoshi position.


  • katatetori kata hiki ototshi

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