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17 Nov 02 Kanai

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Kanai sensei taught class:


kata tori - soto kaiten nikkyo: uke holds left shoulder - push up under his elbow with your left palm and hold his hand on your shoulder with your rt hand. Irimi and roll his elbow up and then down as you tenkan. Slide fwd on your left leg and throw him (not kaiten nage)


push his elbow down by coming over it with your left arm to break his balance, turn to your right as you do this. Then raise his elbow with your ? hand and extend your left arm into his face. Continue extending and raising his arm until he falls. Finish with both arms upwards.


Grab his elbow and slide in until your chest touches his arm. Then step behind him and irimi more, throwing him.


koshi nage - grab his left elbow and step back with your left leg. Atemi to his face. Step in with your rt leg as if you were doing makiotoshi. Turn further until your left hip is under uke. Do koshi nage and stepping back and kneeling down on your right knee.

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