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14 April 07

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katatetori - nage's left hand held

  • Step back tenshin and place your right hand palm down on uke's forearm. Lead him toward you, until his weight is on his front foot. Then twist your hips to your left to throw uke.
  • Bring your left hand up outside of uke's wrist and then grab his wrist so his elbow is pointing upwards. Place your right hand on uke's elbow. Now tenkan on your right foot, keeping uke's elbow in front of you. Uke must quickly follow your movement, kicking out his feet to keep up with you. Uke ends up face down on the mat. Your knee / instep pushes against your hand to apply pressure to uke's elbow.
  • kaiten nage - irimi to uke's right side, placing the V of your hand (between thumb and forefinger) underneath his wrist, and striking the back of his neck with your right hand. Tenkan on your right foot and bring uke's head with you.
  • koshinage - irimi to uke's right side and touch shoulders. Place your right hand over uke's left shoulder. Tenkan on your left foot, bring uke's shoulder down and his arm up. Grab his right wrist with your left hand. Tenkan again (place your right leg between uke's legs). Do koshinange

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