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10 July 07

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years ago

ukashi goshi - irimi in front of uke, pull uke against your hip, raise your hip which loads uke onto your hip, step back with that leg.


yokomenuchi chokusan iriminage: irimi - enter as deep as possible with your forward leg, atemi with your other hand passing close to uke's chest so they cannot block atemi.


yokomenuchi gyaku makiotoshi: irimi - enter deep and block strike, don't atemi quite as hard as above because you want uke's other arm to swing forward for you to grab and do makiotoshi with.


Advanced students - make a strong entering move (irimi, tenkan or tenshin) and don't think of what technique you are going to do. Let technique happen as it presents itself.


Uke's attack and his following of nage: need to work on this; don't anticipate certain techniques, even though we generally know what nage is going to do.

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