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1 September 07

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago
  • uke stands in left hanmi with his left arm extended. Nage extends his left arm and pushes against uke's arm. Uke arm should be strong. If uke's arm collapses, nage hits him in his face. If uke's arm moves upwards, nage does ikkyo. If uke's arm moves downwards, nage does iriminage (sliding in front of uke).
  • Similar to above. Nage pulls uke's arm down and irimis behind uke to do irimi nage. Nage atemis with the top of his hand, using his closed thumb and forefinger. Then nage continues with iriminage.
  • Shomen uchi irimi tsuki age ? - Nage is in left hanmi, uke strikes shomen. Nage slides in slightly with his left foot and makes a X block with his arms crossed. Nage steps in to uke's left side with his right foot. Nage's right hand extends uke's left arm back where it came from and nage's left hand pushes on uke's chin. Nage steps thru with his left leg and throws uke. (David said you can also push against uke's shoulder instead of his chin.)
  • Shomen uchi kiri otoshi - Nage brings both arms up in an X block, then steps back tenshin and cuts uke's arm down and out.
  • Shomen uchi iriminage into nikkyo - Nage brings uke around to do iriminage and uke falls face down on mat. Take uke's hand closest to you as he tries to get up and apply nikkyo.
  • Shomen uchi iriminage - bring uke down as above and kneel next to him. As he gets up, do iriminage from your knees and pin him with elbow bar on your thigh and your hand on his chin.
  • Kaeshi waza: nikkyo into sankyo - Uke applies nikkyo to your right wrist. Drop your right elbow and right knee. Amplify uke's motion so that your right hand pops off his shoulder (this is hard to explain with words) and grab uke's wrist with your left hand in sankyo grip. Wait until the last possible minute to do the reversal.

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