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Bob Waldrop

Page history last edited by Dave Raftery 4 years, 5 months ago


Bob passed away after a long battle with cancer.


Bobaganda website has links to pages and information Bob has created.


Great picture of Bob



This is my favorite picture of Bob



Oklahoma Food Cooperative that Bob founded



Bob at work playing piano



Bob at home



Bob posted the following after visiting Lourdes in the spring of 2019


"I've been asked if I think I was healed. The line to be bathed in the waters of the sacred spring was not long but was very diverse racially and ethnically. I sat next to an older gent from Ireland. Asians, Africans, Europeans . When my time came I was taken behind a curtain where I undressed and then two male attendants wrapped me in a wet loincloth which was so cold it literally took my breath away. They do that on purpose I think so you are prepped for the cold waters of the bath which to me looked like it was hewn from solid stone, just a little bigger than the immersion baptistery where I wax baptized at age 9 at First Baptist in Frederick.


The two attendants had me stand on the first step and we prayed together. Then I prayed and received the gift of tears. I prayed for myself and for all of the intentions people have asked me to pray for. My prayer was that I would be healed of the cancer but that if that was not God's will, that I would continue to receive the gift of peace which has been present in my heart since all this came about and that whatever happened I would persevere to the end and have a good death.


The two men then lowered my body into the water except for my head. Now I know what those Russians experience with their river dunks in winter. A shout kind of involuntarily escaped my mouth. Then they pulled me out and in accordance with tradition I touched the stone of the walls and drank some of the water. Then I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and got out.


There was no towel except the wet one around my waist but in the 4 steps or so to the changing room my body was completely dry. I got dressed and left the area and was truly enveloped by the peace which passed human understanding. The reality of Paul's words - if I live I live to the Lord and if I die I die to the Lord, so whether I live or die, I am the Lord's.


So I don't know how I can know if the cancer is gone short of another ct-scan which I believe is scheduled later this month. But as weird as this may sound, it doesn't really matter one way or the other because I know my Redeemer lives and though worms destroy this body yet in my flesh I will see God.


So if that isn't healing I don't know what is."






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